“Our Team is an extended family of staff and partners committed to creating an unforgettable dining experience along the banks of the Columbia River. Join us in what we consider to be our second home to enjoy creative, locally inspired dishes and warm hospitality. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by talented and passionate professionals who strive to create an authentic dining experience for each and every guest who walks through our door.”
-Mark DeResta, Executive Chef


Executive Chef – Mark DeResta
Sous Chefs – Jorge Zermeno, Gerardo Elias
Pastry Chef – Araceli Elisea Sandoval
Chefs de Partie – Carlos Zuniga, Victor Villalobos, Alejandro ‘Primo’ Banuelos, Rene Jaimes
Line Cooks – Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Toscano, Carmen Cervantes, Mark Peters, Seth Hart, Chris Guerin
Pantry – Margarita Ortiz Gonzales, Flor Espinosa Moreno, Elizabeth Bibiano Rodriguez, Hugh Dalbey
Scullery – Hao Qun Li, Concepcion Eudave, Ismael Gama, Heriverto Flores, Jose Hernandez


Blake Hanson &Juanita Alaniz


Andrea Marquez & Mark Zeller


Maricela Castro, Xitlaly Ibarra, Monty Ruggles, Yarisa Magana, Macee Barnes, Tyler Cook, Abbey Kelly, Kamryn Koster, Ava Gonzales, Danny Cuevas, Ruby Robledo


Maya Tweten, Sean Gray, Chevo Gutierrez, Rudy Vargas, Stephan Mosqueda, Nainoa Holland, Martin Garcia, Juan Ortiz, Slater Mann-Echols, Ayden Kitt, Bianka Buzaz


Damian Gonzales, Tracy Ramsey, Brenda Galvan, Maria Galvan, Cathy Montgomery, Sierra Finn, Erick Kridelbaugh, Crystal Hager, Miranda Olson, Luis Gandara, Emily Brennan, Tyler Cook, Mark Zeller


Susanne Malaise, Korey Kato, Matt Bynum, Sarah Seiler, Dane Lawson, Anna Giles, JT Root, Elly Hutchinson

Staff retreat at Analema Winery